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School Counselors

Timbercrest’s comprehensive developmental guidance program assists students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for healthy development. Parents, school personnel, and the community each have important roles to play and valuable resources to contribute in helping students succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. The following educational services are provided:

  • Individual Counseling:  When personal concerns or crises interrupt the learning process.
  • Small Group Counseling:  Peer support groups based on a variety of needs.
  • Whole Group Guidance: Classroom lessons to assist in good character development and life skills.
  • School Wide Guidance: Coordinate people and resources in the schools and the community. Conduct school-wide activities and presentations to benefit all students.
  • Support Services:  Referrals to various community resources to help families get what they need.

Michelle Rhodes, M.A.
Certified School Counselor