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Media Center

Media Mission: Our mission is to inspire students to be the best they can be through experiencing the joy of reading for pleasure and the confidence in reading for facts and information. Successful learning begins with reading, and we promote all readers to be leaders!
Media Center Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for students.
Students are welcome at all times throughout the day, whether in small groups, sent by the teacher, or as a whole class. Students K-2 may check out 1 book at a time and students 3-5 may check out 2 books.
Students are allowed to keep their books for two weeks. If a student needs to extend that time he/she may bring the book in and renew it for two more weeks. When the student's book becomes overdue, the computer will block the student from checking out anymore books until the overdue book is returned or financially replaced. When a book is 30 days overdue it is considered lost and must be replaced. Students are responsible for the books they check out. Overdue fines are not charged.

The Media Center will host two Scholastic Book Fairs every year. The first Book Fair will be during the week of Open House in September and the second Fair will be at the end of May. The Book Fair is a great way to promote independent reading and to help our Media Center improve its book collection for students.

Access our Media Catalog at home at: Timbercrest Media Catalog​

Students can also access our ebook collection through the Folletshelf link on our catalog page. Use the media catalog link above. Use alpha code and birthdate to log in.

Accelerated Reader Program

Timbercrest Media supports the Accelerated Reader Program. This is a motivational reading program that offers students the opportunity to take quizzes after reading books. The quizzes consist of 10 questions that enhance students' comprehension and reading skills.
As students take and pass the quizzes they accumulate points. There are goals we have set in the media center for students to achieve and when they do they receive award certificates and free books. Students may also appear on our daily news show to be acknowledged for their accomplishment.
Students can use  to look up books and see if they have a quiz. 

This program is optional and should not be used for grades in the classroom. 


Sunshine State Readers Award Program

15 books are chosen each year to support this motivational independent reading program for students grades 3-5. The media center offers awards and prizes for students who read the books and pass RC quizzes. Students can also receive charms for a charm bracelet that correlate with each book and its' theme. At the end of the school year the Media Center has a "Sunshine State Reader" party for students who participated.

Visit the Sunshine State Readers Award Program website: SSYRA Program​ 

What Media students will be learning:

Media Intermediate Objectives

Media Center Access

The purpose of the school library media center is to encourage the love of reading and to support the school community and curriculum goals through self-selected reading materials. The media specialist collaborates with families and teachers to support students in the selection of reading materials that meet their reading interests.

Media Access Levels

Parents and guardians have the right to limit their child’s access to materials in the school library. The media access level a parent/guardian selects for their student will be in effect for the student’s academic career in Volusia County Schools. The parent/guardian may request a change in access at any time by completing the form again or contacting the school media specialist.

The default access for all students is limited.

Definitions of access levels


  • Limited Access: A student may access materials in the media center except for items on the parent permission required list and Young Adult (YA) titles (middle school only).
  • Unlimited Access: A student has full access to the materials in Volusia County Schools libraries including access to any titles that require parent permission. This includes permission for the student to check out Young Adult (YA) titles when the student is in middle school.
  • No Access: A student is not permitted access to materials in any of the Volusia County Schools libraries without parent permission.

Process for Modifying Media Access

Parents may modify their child’s access to materials in the school library by completing the Volusia County Schools Media Access or by completing a paper-based Volusia County Schools Media Access form available from the school media specialist.

Media Center Access Form

School Card Catalog (Search for Book)

Library Media Center Collection Development 

Each school library media collection is developed in accordance with Volusia County School Board Policy 320 and Florida Statute 1006.28.

Each book made available to students through a school district library media center or included in a recommended or assigned school or grade-level reading list must be selected by a school district employee who holds a valid educational media specialist certificate, regardless of whether the book is purchased, donated, or otherwise made available to students. 

2. Each district school board shall adopt procedures for developing library media center collections and post the procedures on the website for each school within the district. The procedures must: 

a. Require that book selections meet the criteria in s. 1006.40(3)(d). 

  • Free of pornography and material prohibited under s. 847.012

  • Suited to student needs and their ability to comprehend the material presented. 

  • Appropriate for the grade level and age group for which the materials are used or made available. 

b. Require consultation of reputable, professionally recognized reviewing periodicals and school community stakeholders. 

c. Provide for library media center collections based on reader interest, support of state academic standards and aligned curriculum, and the academic needs of students and faculty. 

d. Provide for the regular removal or discontinuance of books based on, at a minimum, physical condition, rate of recent circulation, alignment to state academic standards and relevancy to curriculum, out-of-date content, and required removal pursuant to subparagraph (a)2. 


Selection Process 

  1. The media specialist develops a recommended list of books that meet the needs of the school per the collection development guidelines.  

  1. The media specialist provides the school media advisory committee with professional reviews of each book prior to meeting.  

  1. The school media advisory committee meets to review and approve the list. The committee must come to a consensus on approvals. If the committee is unable to come to a consensus, the principal along with the media specialist is responsible for the final decision. 


Challenged Materials:

Volusia County School Board Policy 320 establishes the procedures for the review of complaints concerning media materials.

Specific Material Objection Form